Boys Varsity Soccer · Blasiole’s Pizza: Student-Athlete of the Week

10 Questions with Blasiole’s Pizza: Student-Athlete of the week, soccer goalie Noah Hickin


What is your favorite subject and why?

Science because it is the most interesting.


Describe yourself in one word?



What is your favorite sport and who is your favorite athlete and why?

My favorite sport is soccer, but my favorite athlete is Russell Westbrook because I “go off” with him in 2K.


If you could share your free Blasiole’s medium pizza with three other people (dead or alive) who would it be?

My brother Kaya, my friend Danny, and Sommer Ray.


What is your favorite sports related movie?

It’s actually a TV series called All American and it’s about football.


Do you have any pets?

A dog named Roxy and a cat named Kyle.


Who is your favorite teacher and why?

Mr. Wills because he is a beast in the weight room.


What is the greatest lesson you have learned from participating in athletics at Crestwood?

Running is not fun.


What are your future plans?

Go to college and become a nurse.


If you were an animal, what type of animal would you be and why?

A domestic dog because all they do is sleep, eat, and play.